We buy, sell, capture

every type of Exotic animal

No project is too large or small for our staff

Welcome to the home of J&M Wildlife, your source of professional exotic animal buying, selling, capture, and transport services. Our experienced professional technical staff is also able to assist with ranch consulting in order to determine how our trapping team can best assist you in controlling the animal population present on your ranch. Along with our high quality professional capturing equipment, we also have a state of the art holding facility for easy loading which in turn causes less stress to the animals and allows for a much better quality of life for each animal.

Our team can provide help with removal of excess animals on your ranch, and in turn, we will pay you for them or trade you for a different species. No project is too large or small for our staff. Our team is so committed to providing expert services, we will come out, give you a price, and write you a deposit check before we leave in order to let you fully entrust our team and services. 

Contact Us today with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. Sign up for our monthly Surplus List to stay up to date on all currently available animals being sold each month at various discounted prices!